How to convert your ‘private YouTube channel’ into a “branded account”

This is how the conversion works: Step 1: Create a new YouTube channel To do this, go to the YouTube “Channel Switcher” and click on “Create new channel”. This is always automatically a “Branded YouTube Channel”. Feel free to name the new channel the same as your old channel. (Yes, you also create a new […]

Editor rights overview

Here you can find all the information about “Granting editor rights” to your social media channel. If you do not wish to grant us this, you can find information about our alternative solutions here. When. Please give us access in a timely manner. At the latest approx. 14 days before the event. How? Here you […]

Grant editor rights on Vimeo

Please note that you can only live-stream on Vimeo with the paid “Premium” account. Log in with your admin account. Click on the following URL: Click on “Add a team member Enter the e-mail address select “Admin” and click “Send“. Done!

Grant editor rights on Twitch

Unfortunately, Twitch does not yet offer tiered editor rights for live streaming. Unfortunately, we simply need your username and password here. Please never send username and password together to us, but preferably via two separate ways. We recommend using an encrypted channel, such as Whatsapp or Signal (our number: +49 176 20336676) to send the […]

Set up editor rights for YouTube

Before you grant us editor rights, please check that your YouTube account meets the following three requirements. If all this is too complicated for you alone, please book a setup appointment with us here. Requirement 1: Always select the right channel Visit You choose the right channel by clicking on the profile picture in […]