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Why live streams?

Why us?


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Instead of heavy, wide TV camera technology, we rely on modern HD smartphones and handy zoom cameras. And instead of using cables, we connect our cameras with our own WLAN radio.

This not only saves us time setting up and putting armor tape on your floor, but also allows us to use our cameras more creatively, which is especially important for social media.

Besides, we save unnecessarily expensive technology as well as storage and transport costs. We pass these cost advantages on to you in the form of significantly lower prices.

A strong partner

Your advantages


Take advantage of our innovative approach. We are finally making professional live streams affordable for everyone.


With our focus on live streams and the help of our large team, you can be sure that everything will work 100%.


“You built your set up faster than I loaded my tech into the car!” (A competitor on the phone)

Radically simple

Compose your live stream to your liking in our order form. As easy as ordering a pizza! No call necessary.

Always available

All important processes are automaticly and digitally available. For the rest, you can reach our hotline daily from 9-18! 


Electric cars, minimal equipment, paperless office and green power. For us, of course.


Transparent prices & modularity


€ 300

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That is why we are so favorable

Live streaming with three cameras easily costs 5,000 to 8,000 euros among our competitors. How can we undercut this price so much?

Well, this is due to our disruptive smartphone approach. This one is not only cheaper, but also delivers many other benefits for you. Which exactly, we have explained here in the video (left).

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Our team

We deliberately rely on a large team of permanent employees. Both in customer service and in technology. This is how we guarantee continuity and reliability. Our technicians are trained media designers who have a good eye for image and stage design and a good ear for your sound.


Frequently asked questions

Ideally, book as early as possible, especially for complex events. However, about one to two months before is optimal. But the last possible date is approx. 24h before the event. So we are also on site at very short notice if we have no other appointments.

But there is technically no limit. We have also run live streams over several days.

We at easylivestream are also happy to give workshops on request. We explain how you can do such live streams yourself. However, do not underestimate the effort involved. It is definitely also an investment in technology and personnel! Ask us! We are happy to share our knowledge.

We need editor rights to your social media channels. Then we will set up the live stream for you. We will explain in detail how to set up the (temporary) rights for us after the contract is signed.

We stream everywhere. The live stream can be hosted, for example, on various platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch) or a separately rented server. Playout via video call apps (e.g. ZOOM) and event platforms (e.g. Hopin) is also possible.

Yes, if you have multiple appointments, we can accommodate you somewhat with the price. However, our prices are already very low. Please contact us.

We’re being blunt here: If you need 4K TV quality throughout, you’ll have to reach for the more expensive offerings from our competitors:inside. However, the biggest quality factor is not the cameras, but the LTE connection on site. If the connection is right, we deliver our livestreams in “full HD” quality, e.g. to YouTube. But beware: Facebook, Twitter, ZOOM and other video call apps only support “HD Ready” quality, no matter how good the cameras you use are.

We hear this question surprisingly often, because we are extremely much cheaper than our competitors. The reasons are simple: we come with fewer staff and significantly cheaper technology. Where others need large TV cameras from big sprinters and kilos of cables from rolling boxes, we unpack our small rolling suitcase. In addition, we are also faster in the assembly and disassembly. We pass the savings on to you.

Yes, we work nationwide. However, we charge travel expenses, travel time and, if applicable, accommodation costs separately. You will find the costs listed exactly in the estimate!

Yes, a non-public live stream is possible. It is streamed via YouTube, for example, as “unlisted”, which means that only people who receive the URL to it can see the livestream. The stream cannot be seen on the channel and via the search function. Another possibility is the playout via a video call software such as Zoom. Even more complex platforms with entrance fees are also possible. Contact us.