Smart solutions

Our technology is not high-end, but the smartest for the small budget. Our social media live streaming focuses on flexibility and mobility.


Set an end to the shaky mobilephone live stream

Hand-held live streams filmed with only one camera no longer attract viewers to Facebook or YouTube livestreams. As part of our work as a social media agency for the European Commission Representation in Berlin, we developed the idea for a multi-camera livestream setup with good quality and high practicability.

Possible applications is ideal for NGOs, public authorities or organizers of political debates. Whether you are doing a live production for the first time or want to improve existing experiments:

We are the most cost-effective way to produce a sophisticated multi-camera broadcast. Capture your debates from all angles and improve online viewer engagement. Gain new followers and fans and get your message out into the world!

We stream everywhere

In comparison

Small, mobile, inexpensive

We rely on smart bot cameras and handy zoom cameras, as well as stable audio technology and mobile media technology.

– Price: 500,- to 2000,- Euro (excl. personnel & administration)
– Bookable at short notice (up to one day before the event)
– Assembly in approx. 60 minutes
– Everywhere where LTE is available
– Optimal for social media channels

Other suppliers

Large, heavy, expensive

Large TV cameras, lots of cables, large industrial rolling cases, lots of personnel, not without large transport vehicles as well as set-up times of many hours.

– Price: 4000,- to 7000,- Euro
– Long-term contracts, reservations
– Construction lasts 2-4 hours
– Only with high-speed internet or satellite uplink
– Useful often only for congresses lasting for several days 


Mobile Full HD quality

Small, digital cameras today contain more than the fastest computers of 2010 and a higher camera resolution than expensive cameras from 2005.

Our mobile smart bot cameras deliver images in HD quality.

However, because the cameras are so small, can send their signal wirelessly via WLAN and have enough battery on board, we can distribute them anywhere in the room.

Thanks to small motors, we can even rotate the cameras remotely – even without a camera operator.


Close ups with zoom cameras

For emotional close-ups, we supplement our mobile phones with so-called “digital single-lens reflex cameras” (DSLR). With the powerful optical zoom, they can put people in focus. DSLR cameras, however, require a camera person to operate them.


Your advantages

Up to 6 cameras

Close-ups, wide shots, picture-in-picture: our live editing increases watch duration and makes the content visible.

Network included

Don’t worry about the net. We stream via the best mobile network ever.

Text Panels & Co

We spice up your livestream with belly bands, text panels, animations and video inserts if necessary!

High sound quality

We provide your live stream with high quality sound, so that your viewers love to listen!


Live editing on a laptop

All the cameras converge in our live control room. Here we have a live view of all camera angles – just like in the big TV studio – and edit the video live.

In addition, we can include chyrons (name insertions), logos and text panels or presentations here. We can also play videos directly from here.