Mobile 1 camera live streams

Factory and museum tours, weddings, funeral services, parties & concerts at Point of View.

Welcome to our smallest live stream solution. Directly from a smartphone we stream via LTE. With the help of a hovering tripod, the images are buttery smooth despite being handheld. There is a wireless dual microphone directly in the smartphone. For example, interviews in good quality are possible.

Upon arrival, we are ready for action in a few minutes. On an iPad, the live stream can optionally be followed and controlled live.

1-Camera Live stream

How does it work?

The live stream is transmitted directly to the Internet via the mobile data of the recording device.

Our camera persona is equipped with an iPhone on a tripod designed for movement. Your speakers are equipped with a wireless microphone. This completely wireless setup allows us to move freely and make your live stream very mobile.

1-Camera Live stream

What does it cost?


€ 125

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1-Camera Live stream

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1-Camera Live stream

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1-Camera Live stream

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