Our approach

We want to make live streams as easy as ordering a pizza.

Our approach

Big team, big volume, big reliability

We can currently produce up to four live streams at four different locations simultaneously and are continuously expanding our capacity.

Thanks to standardized processes, we can guarantee the quality of the live streams – all our team members are trained and can also be on standby for you at any time in combination with our freelancers.

Our approach

Radically simple

Fill out the form, receive our estimate a few hours later, confirm with one click, fill out the production agreement in writing: Done! You can book us up to 24h before the event. We keep the complexity as low as possible so you have more time for the content IN FRONT of the camera.

100% digital processes

As a startup from Berlin, everything runs digitally for us. Whether it's choosing an appointment, feedback or a quote, everything is possible with just a few clicks!

24/7 hotline

Every customer receives a personal customer advisor. You can either contact them directly by telephone or call our general hotline - even late at night if necessary!


Our wireless setup can be up and running in 30 minutes and fits in a rolling suitcase. This saves us a large delivery truck and expensive warehouses.


Due to the high degree of automation in service we can be cheaper than our competitors.

Technical service provider

We deliberately focus on technical services: livestreaming, recording, post-production. The event conception and planning remain with you. However, we will be happy to advise you on request.

In comparison


Small, mobile, inexpensive

We rely on smart bot cameras and handy zoom cameras, as well as stable audio technology and mobile media technology.(More about the technology).

– Price: 500,- to 2000,- Euro (excl. personnel & administration)
– Bookable at short notice (up to one day before the event)
– Assembly in approx. 60 minutes
– Everywhere where LTE is available
– Optimal for social media channels

Other suppliers

Large, heavy, expensive

Large TV cameras, lots of cables, large industrial rolling cases, lots of personnel, not without large transport vehicles as well as set-up times of many hours.

– Price: 4000,- to 7000,- Euro
– Long-term contracts, reservations
– Assembly takes 3-4 hours
– Only with high-speed internet or satellite uplink
– Useful often only for congresses lasting for several days

Our approach

Quality optimal, price minimal

We produce in good quality for the digital age. However, we deliberately do not deliver “TV quality” or “4K resolution”.

Unfortunately, this high quality would be lost at the latest with the cell phone of the viewers anyway. We produce in the best transmittable quality (Full-HD), but not higher. We pass the savings on to you.

More about the technology here.

Our approach

Environmental protection considered

Of course, we only drive electric cars or take the subway if possible.

With our minimal equipment and short travel distances we save a lot of energy and CO₂ during the transport. Our office runs completely paperless and we use green electricity. Recycling and waste avoidance are a matter of course for us.

Good news

Soon also nationwide

By the end of the year, we want to be active nationwide and open decentralized offices. Then we can serve you with local teams without big travel costs!

Sebastian Jabbusch

Managing director of easylivestream.de