Local VIDEOCALL connection

360° camera for hybrid workshop rooms

Hybrid events – a mix of on-site and virtual guests – have become the norm. Live streams are a great tool for this. But how can you combine on-site workshops with virtual breakout rooms?

We offer our 360 degree camera for this purpose, which we can integrate into a breakout room of your video call.

This works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and many other providers.

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1*Kamera Workshop


Get set up and get started!

360° camera

All at one table, with one camera!

Microphone included

The built-in 360° microphone picks up all speakers.

Call service

Upon your request, we will of course also set up your call!

1-Camera Workshop

How does it work?

About the 360 Camera will be the local workshop room incl. sound is transferred directly to the Videocall breakout room.

The camera can either stand on your conference table or be placed in the middle of a large room using a tripod.

Your speakers do not need microphones, they are captured by the camera’s microphones. The virtual participants can be heard via loudspeakers in the same camera. 

After this setup by us and a short introduction, you can freely design your video call/conference. In case of any problems, a technician from our team is there for you. 

360° camera for hybrid workshop rooms

What does it cost?



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360° camera for
hybrid workshop rooms

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