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Virtual events

We are happy to support you with our event solutions for purely virtual events as well as for on-site events with virtual connection. We support you with your video call, edit and transfer it to various platforms, integrate graphics, videos and presentations and prepare you and your speakers for the virtual event. We also offer an event platform with workshop rooms, networking and trade fair stand functions!


Virtual conference

We edit and broadcast your virtual video call conference to one or more live stream platforms of your choice, e.g. YouTube and/or Twitter. We can integrate up to 8 speakers in parallel into the live stream.

We set up the videocall for you, create a live stream for you if required, look after your speakers before and during the conference and insert your videos and presentations. During the video call we are there to help your speakers and participants with any problems that may arise.


Virtual congress

Main Stage, Workshops, Networking, Expo

With this product we offer you a much more comprehensive and interactive replica of an offline congress. The virtual congress runs on a website set up especially for you, to which you can sell tickets for a fee or give them away for free.

In addition to the main stage and numerous workshop rooms, you will have the opportunity to promote partners and facilitate a networking area for attendees.


Videocall Support

Support for virtual meetings

From the selection of software and program flow to playing presentations and videos. We are also happy to advise the speakers in advance on setting up your camera and audio setups. For Zoom (Meeting & Webinar, also on DSGVO-compliant, European servers), Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, we are also happy to provide the software.

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Take advantage of our innovative  approach. We are finally making professional live streams affordable for everyone.  


With our focus on live streams and the help of our large team, you can be sure that everything will work 100%. 


“You built your set up faster than I loaded my tech into the car!” (A competitor on the phone)

Radically simple

Compose your live stream to your liking in our order form. As easy as ordering a pizza! No call necessary.

Always available

All important processes are automaticly and digitally available. For the rest, you can reach our hotline daily from 9-18!


Electric cars, minimal equipment, paperless office and green power. For us, of course.
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Virtual events

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Virtual events

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