Our team

With heart and soul for live productions

We love the challenge, teamwork and excitement just before the start of an event. We get exciting insights into many places, industries and hear from a variety of topics. One thing is for sure: It never gets boring for us. There is no better profession!

Our core team

Always there for you!

Sebastian Jabbusch

Managing Director


Accounting, bookkeeping

Norman Siegel

Livestream operator / cameraman

Anna Forsthuber

Livestream operator / sound engineer

Sebastian Schneider

Livestream operator / media host

Nils Naumann

Team leader technology / media designer

Baraa Alfattal

Apprentice to the

Media designer for image & sound

The allies - Our Freelancers

Philipp Gaiko

Live stream operator & photographer

Philip Kastenhofer

Live stream operator & cameraman

Jeffray Schwabe

Sound engineer

Nils Reinecke


Sinan Vorbeck

Cameraman, Technician

Caspar Konter

Sound engineer

Freelancer Marvin Aziz Webentwicklung & Gestaltung

Marvin Aziz


Luna Mölling

Back Office

Jan Penkalla

Sound engineer

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