Podcast/video recording

Your Virtual Event Recorded as Podcast/Video

Nothing could be easier: You dial in to us via webcam and headset and we get started right away. We edit and record your meeting and make it available immediately as an audio or video file in the attachment.

You can use these files directly as a podcast or video podcast, or upload them as a recording to platforms like YouTube or to your website. Easy.

Podcast/video recording

How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier: You connect directly to our virtual studio, just like in a video call.

We will then start a countdown as soon as you are ready and then the show will begin. Belly bands, changing perspectives and picture-in-picture cuts are of course included.

At the end you will receive a complete recording – audio only or with video on request. No problem!


What does it cost?


€ 100

All prices excl. VAT


Always included

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