Live stream from virtual meeting

Vidoecall transmission to live stream platforms

We edit and broadcast your virtual video call conference to one or more live stream platforms of your choice, e.g. YouTube and/or Twitter. Regardless of the video call software used, we can include two or up to four people at the same time.

Virtual conference

What is it?

You hold a video call conference and we supplement your conference with video inserts, as well as name and graphic inserts. We can also embed interactive polls that viewers fill out live. This way – together with your content preparation – an ordinary video call becomes a real online conference in which, for example, unlimited viewers can participate via YouTube.

Virtual conference

How does it work?

You and your speaker dial into a video call from your office or home office.

We use browser-based live-streaming software for the virtual conference. With it we can stream in full HD quality! We take care of the live editing and the transmission as live stream in our office. It is important that we still have a technical/organizational back channel during the event, e.g. a Whatsapp group with all speakers and moderators.


Virtual conference

Your advantages


Since participation is possible from home, there is no risk for the participants.


Participants and speakers can connect from everywhere


Keep in touch with your community even in difficult times


Unlimited number of participants, 100% flexible planning, no travel expenses


Save on expensive hotel bookings, catering and event staffing


Discover new interactions: Surveys, chats, phone & video calls

Virtual conference

More than a zoom call

The entire event will be digitally compiled, edited and broadcasted live by us via the cloud.

Show your conference to your communities on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the platform of your choice – or all at once. You can also pick up questions from the chat in the lectures and debates. Let viewers participate directly in the conference via phone, chat or voting apps!

Multi-platform streaming

We stream your conference to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & co., also in parallel, i.e. simultaneously.

Picture in picture mode

We can show PowerPoint presentations, web pages or multiple speakers in picture-in-picture mode for you.

Countdown & Music

With little things like countdowns, background music or break graphics, your event will look more professional.

Call in via telephone

Bring conference participants directly into the virtual conference via telephone or video conference.

Mix with on-site productions

You can mix our virtual conferences with live on-site productions.


We add chyrons to your speakers, gladly with your logo.

Graphics & Text panels

We show graphics like fundraising appeals, #hashtags, links or QR codes in the live steram.

"Private" live stream

Our live streams can also take place "non-public", e.g. for corporate events.

Virtual conference

What does it cost?


€ 100

All prices excl. VAT


Always included

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Virtual conference

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Virtual conference

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