Event live stream with virtual guests

Virtual live broadcast/TV studio

The live stream with connection is first and foremost a normal on-site live stream of your event. So we are present on location in person with cameras and editing direction.
The addition of “virtual live” allows you to include other people who cannot be on site in the event. The speakers on site can then talk with the people on the live circuit, as we set up a bidirectional audio connection.

Live stream with feed

How does it work?

The virtual live connection is established via live stream software.

The connected person(s) sit at home or in their office in front of a laptop or smartphone and are present with the help of a browser-based video call software. On site, we usually set up a monitor so that the people on site can also see your interlocutors. In terms of sound engineering, we use a large digital mixing desk to ensure that there is no feedback.

Live stream with feed

What does it cost?


€ 450

200 € extra for more than 8
connected people

All prices excl. VAT


Always included

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Live stream with feed

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Live stream with feed

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