Hopin facts and figures

Hopin is an event platform with a stage, sessions, expo, networking and even a reception. Hopin itself offers an extensive introduction and support website The necessary information is provided there for the respective participant roles, i.e. organizer, speaker, moderator or participant. You can also find more information in our guide for participants As a rule, […]

Preparing files for the live stream

1. How you prepare the files a) Presentations:  Please merge all presentations into one file Please insert a slide with your event’s logo between each presentation Please insert a black foil at the start and end Make sure that the file formats of the presentations are PowerPoint or PDF. We cannot process “Keynote” files. Make […]

Graphic data and videos

We are happy to create graphics and embed videos for you in your live stream. However, in order to ensure good quality, we need some high quality graphics. Graphics for live stream overlays Logos: with transparency, high quality, at least 100 DPI and in PNG format, 200x200px (best aspect ratio 1:1)*2 Delivered text panels: without […]