We all find it hard to bear the news from Ukraine. The suffering that Putin has brought upon the inhabitants of Ukraine touches us all.

We were therefore very grateful that we could help at least a little bit with our resources and skills. Last week we supported the project/event “Leuchtturm Ukraine” from Kreuzberg. We took over the complete technology for the translation into three languages and the preparation of the virtual guests.

It was translated into German, English and, of course, Ukrainian. Up to 5000 viewers were able to follow the translation in the video call app “ZOOM”. The transmission was partially connected in series. So, for example, first from Ukrainian to German and then again from German to English. In our opinion, no software is currently as easy and efficient for translations as ZOOM.

The switch-ons were also particularly exciting. Among other things, we enabled live broadcasts to Ukraine. There, for example, a soldier reported directly from Mariupol how they are preparing for battle.

It was an exciting day and we are pleased to have been able to support the eight-hour event.

More info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/leuchtturm-ukraine-beacon-of-ukraine-registrierung-308477403217

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