A bicycle moves towards an approaching car and … Crash!
But it was not a “real” accident, it was intentional.

The live stream for “Unfallanalyse Berlin” (literally: “Accident Analysis Berlin”) brought us to one of the most extraordinary locations in our company history so far.
A narrow asphalt test track in the middle of a huge hall, surrounded by dazzlingly bright, hot spotlights was the scene of the action. Our technology next to it was set up protected. Safety had to be guaranteed here!

This stream was also very interesting, apart from the location, because it was mainly about capturing the moment of impact and showing it repeatedly afterwards, while the accident analysts talked about individual features of the crash.

Therefore, for the first time, we used the “instant replay” function of our editing software and replayed the impact, filmed from different perspectives, several times using slow motion.

At the “crime scene” and at another location we also filmed handheld, mobile footage with our DSLR, to show close-ups of the impact site of the dummy bike and the damage on the car. The second part also included a presentation with scientific facts.

All in all, the live stream was only about 45 minutes long, but it was filled with moments that included our complete spectrum of possibilities for implementation.

Definitely an event that remains memorable among all our live streams.

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