End of April, we were broadcasted a Dadaism event entitled “The Wind with Red Hair”. With this campaign, the artists wanted to set a sign for a peaceful alignment of the world. The invention of the art movement Dada for Berlin also had this intention.

A special challenge was that the art action took place in a room the size of a late-night restaurant and that not only numerous artists and the director, but also the entire audience had to find space in the room. For this, our small smartphone cameras were once again the perfect solution. The iPhones were supplemented by a mobile DSLR camera, which our cameraman carried with a shoulder rig. Unfortunately, the artists decided against individual clip-on microphones. We therefore picked up the sound via several room microphones. The live stream was followed online as well as on site in the art space on a TV by numerous spectators who could not enter due to lack of space.

We admire the great artistic performance and the creative use of dance and symbolism in the small space. For us, it was great fun, because we also enjoyed the energy of the group. We hope that the war will end soon. Presumably, the process of coming to terms with the terrible events will then really begin and accompany us for many years and decades to come. Our thoughts are with the victims of war and displacement.

To the stream on YouTube: https://youtu.be/IkG2p8Cix80
More information about the event: https://www.kunstraum-krueger-berlin.com/2022/04/14/der-wind-mit-dem-roten-haar/

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