When using Streamyard, different layouts are possible for the display of the Speaker in the “broadcast image”. The selected layout automatically and dynamically adapts to the number of speakers in the image. A maximum of 10 people can be “on air” at the same time.

Single view

The single, solo or “focused” view brings a speaker into the full screen. Other speakers can still remain on the air with their sound. This view is suitable to focus on a single lecturer or to deliver an externally produced program with which a virtual connection is planned in the further course.

The speakers who are not currently visible can recognize whether they are on the air or not by their display in the lower area. A blue frame around your own picture means “On air”.

Two views

Splitscreen view. That way both (or more) participants are zoomed in.
Two-tile view. It is similar to split-screen, but here the aspect ratios of the supplied images are maintained. If necessary, a background will be visible, which we can prepare for you with pleasure.

If there are several participants, this view corresponds to the tile view. The participants are automatically distributed and arranged evenly.

Tile view

The tile view allows to show several involved persons with their complete picture. The arrangement of the tiles follows the following scheme:

Which speaker is displayed on which position is freely selectable at any time. Speakers can appear in any position in all layouts. By default, the order is such that later connected ones appear on the later, i.e. higher numbered positions.

Splitscreen with multiple people

Just like the tile view, a split screen view with up to 10 people is also possible. The arrangement of the speakers in this case follows the following scheme:

Focused view

It is also possible to display one person in large size, and all others in a sidebar next to the person in focus.

Again, the sizes of the tiles dynamically adjust to the number of guests in the image. The more participants there are, the smaller the people in the sidebar will be displayed. Each Speaker can take the focused position.

Presentation and integration of external content

In addition to displaying camera images, Streamyard also offers the ability to integrate presentations, videos, additional camera images from a speaker or screen shares. For this, too, there are different layout variants for the arrangement of one or more speakers.

Speaker focus, presentation small

There is the possibility to show a speaker in focus on the left next to a small representation of his or her presentation in the stream.

The presentation/video/external content or screen is centered next to the speaker. In this view, only one speaker is possible next to the presentation.

Presentation mode with sidebar

Another layout is the placement of the speaker(s) (in this case, multiple people are possible) next to the presentation. The speakers appear in a bar one above the other on the left side of the image.

Presentation mode full screen

Furthermore, there is the option to display the presentation in full screen (if it is in 16:9) and to show the speaker(s) at the bottom of the screen. Several speakers are displayed next to each other at the bottom of the screen.

Of course, it is also possible to display the presentation in full screen and have the speaker(s) in the stream with sound only.

We hope we have been able to provide you with a helpful overview and wish you every success with your event.