Hopin FAQ

Q: Which browser can I use? A: Hopin works best with Google Chrome (recommended) and Firefox (limited, sometimes you cannot activate a camera). Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer is not suitable! Q: Can I use my smartphone/tablet? A: Yes, with cutback: you can attend the lectures and sessions, but you cannot activate your camera. Chatting and networking […]

Tips & Recommendations for your Virtual Conference

In order to make the videoconference or the “virtual connection” a pleasant experience for all participants, we ask you to consider the following tips and hints. You will receive the Access data for the virtual meeting usually by e-mail from the organizer. Please save them so that you have them ready at the event (e.g. […]

Streamyard for virtual conference live streams

For our virtual conferences, we prefer to use Streamyard as the platform for the video call. Streamyard is a browser-based software, which means that speakers don’t need to download a separate app but can simply open the link in the browser. Advantages of Streamyard over traditional video call providers such as Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, […]

Grant editor rights on Vimeo

Please note that you can only live-stream on Vimeo with the paid “Premium” account. Log in with your admin account. Click on the following URL: https://vimeo.com/settings/account/team_members Click on “Add a team member Enter the e-mail address produktion@easylivestream.de select “Admin” and click “Send“. Done!

Grant editor rights on Twitch

Unfortunately, Twitch does not yet offer tiered editor rights for live streaming. Unfortunately, we simply need your username and password here. Please never send username and password together to us, but preferably via two separate ways. We recommend using an encrypted channel, such as Whatsapp or Signal (our number: +49 176 20336676) to send the […]

Streamyard Manual for Speakers

How to use Streamyard What is Streamyard? Streamyard is a software for live stream productions in your web browser. You will join the meeting via your web browser, so that we can integrate your webcam picture & headset audio into the live stream. For you as a speaker, streamyard is very easy to use and […]

Streamyard guide

What is Streamyard? Streamyard is a live stream production software in the browser. You will join using your browser so that we can include your webcam image and headset audio in the livestream production. Streamyard is especially easy for you as a Speaker and delivers the best video quality for livestreaming. How does Streamyard work? […]

Is it possible to fade in names of speakers in the live stream?

If you need graphics for name insertions (so-called chyrons), call-to-action insertions (e.g. URLs, donation numbers, etc.), text panels (fully covering graphics) or video call masks (backgrounds for video calls), simply fill in the information in the production agreement document, which we send to you after the order confirmation. You are welcome to tell us desired […]

Can you use the existing sound equipment in a location?

We are very happy to bring our sound equipment for a small fee. We cannot put the sound equipment available in a location into operation ourselves. This usually takes us too long to learn and there are too many risks that problems are present that we cannot foresee. You can only use existing technology if […]