Basically, we offer two forms of interpretation:

a) On site / at the event
b) Virtual / from the home office

a) On site:
You are in a translation booth or side room, watching the event or streaming image on a laptop, listening to the event audio through headphones, and speaking into a microphone (provided by us or your own). We take care of the routing of your sound.

b) Simultaneous translation in the virtual studio (Streamyard):

1.) You can watch the broadcast image live in the first broadcast studio. There you will also hear the original event sound.
2) You speak your translation tone into a second broadcast studio.

You will receive two invitation links from us for the two virtual broadcast studios.

We recommend the use of two computers. If this does not work, please use two different browsers on one computer, or two Google Chrome browser windows with different user profiles.

Let’s go :
– Please use both links. You listen to the sound in the first broadcast studio. Please disable your camera and microphone there. You are here only as a guest.
– In the second broadcast studio – for the simultaneously translated stream – please activate your microphone. Your camera can also stay out here.

Detailed instructions on how to set up and use our virtual broadcast studio (“Streamyard”) can be found here. Please always have the chat open to read text messages from us if necessary.

If you are interpreting in pairs, we recommend that you are in the same room together.
This allows them to take turns quickly.
If this is not possible, please do the following:

a) If you have two computers (per person), you can speak into one computer and listen to your colleagues, if necessary, and follow the original sound on the other. Connect headphones of your choice to the devices.

b) If you have only one computer with two browsers, you can watch the event in two different windows. You listen in window 1 and speak in window 2.
This way you can also hear your colleagues as soon as they start or finish the translation.
Important: Never use speakers, always use headphones, otherwise feedback will occur in your translator microphone.

This is how you separate the original sound and the translation of your colleagues:

If you are not translating yourself at the moment, you may just want to listen to your colleague or just the original sound. To do this, they must select a second headset for one of the two broadcast studios, as the playout channel.

If you have two computers, it’s easy: use one studio per computer. Now you can simply put on the headset that is relevant to you.

If you have only one computer: Enter the two broadcast studios in different browsers or in two different Google Chrome user windows with different user profiles. The latter works as follows:

A) Enter Studio 1 normally in the Google Chrome browser.

B) Before you now enter Studio 2, change the user via the icon in the top right corner of the browser. For example, switch to the “Guest” user.

C) Now enter Studio 2 in the guest instance.
D) In both studios, you can select your audio settings via “Settings” (found in the center below). Select a different headset for Studio 1 and Studio 2.

Attention: Ideally, you need two different USB headsets for this.

To save Internet bandwidth and prevent possible conflicts, we recommend that you turn off both camera and microphone in Studio 1 (where you are only listening) (see below).

In the studio for the translated version, your microphone must be on to be audible.

Extra TIP! Visual design on the computer:

We recommend setting the translation studio (Studio 2) to “Full Screen”. Studio 1 with the original sound, you can put in the background or minimize. You can usually tell the two studios apart by the title (next to the Streamyard icon).

Communication with their colleagues:

To coordinate for upcoming changes or similar, please use the chat of the studio interface from the translation sending studio. The chat from broadcast studio 1 cannot be used, as it may be visible in the live stream.
Chat messages in the translation studio are private and can be seen only by you and our director.

Please come to the two studios about 1 hour before the start of the event so that we can test everything again with you.

We wish you great success !