Translation technology

Especially for events with an international audience, it can often be essential to provide simultaneous translation of the spoken word both on site and in the livestream. We offer simple and, above all, particularly cost-effective solutions.

Event translation - Now radically affordable!

Instead of expensive translation booths and interpreter audio technology, we use the translation feature from the ZOOM app. There are neither spectators nor speakers in the ZOOM – only the interpreters.

Normal interpreter booths are expensive. In addition to the daily rental fee, there is also the cost of transport, set-up, special sound equipment and technical staff. We spare you all that completely. Instead, we send the image from the live stream and its audio to a ZOOM meeting. The interpreters translate directly in the app. The image from the live stream serves as an additional aid for speech recognition. We can tap the translated audio channel on site, e.g. for the headphones of the audience in the hall or for further live streams in foreign languages.

Your translators can either sit in a room next to the event, come to our office or work from home. One of our technicians is always available to show the interpreters how to choose the right language channel. Even chain translations, e.g. from “Ukrainian -> German” and then from “German -> English” are no problem in the ZOOM app.

You can also receive our offer for translations separately without booking a live stream package.

Use cases:

Various forms of acoustic transcription, description or translation are available for foreign language speakers, cognitively impaired people and the visually impaired. We offer various solutions to provide your audience with the right sound both on site and in the livestream.

Foreign language translation on site

If you are expecting an international audience at your event, it may make sense to offer simultaneous translation in one or more languages. We offer headphone systems for your event as well as solutions to ensure translation. Your translators explicitly do not need to be on site, as we usually transmit the event audio to the Internet anyway and a translation can therefore also take place virtually.

Foreign language translation in the second livestream

If your livestream is aimed at an international audience, it makes sense to provide a second livestream with a translated audio track. Some platforms are currently starting to enable the integration of a second audio track in the livestream. It may also be necessary to offer a livestream on an alternative platform that is accessible in the country of the target audience. (For example, YouTube is not accessible in China, but Zoom is). We can play out the broadcast image combined with the corresponding sound to your target platform.

Multilingual video call

For multilingual international events and international specialist discussions, we offer solutions to support you in the configuration and implementation of multilingual video calls. In this case, translation by virtually connected translators is particularly suitable. This saves you travel and accommodation costs. The installation of translation cabins can also be avoided in this way. We have many years of experience in configuring video calls accordingly.

translation into easy language

Simultaneous translation into easy language is particularly suitable for people with cognitive impairments and for children. Of course, we can provide this translation for your audience on site as well as for your viewers in the livestream.

Audio description

For visually impaired people, it is possible to provide an audio description of the events. This is particularly suitable for artistic performances and sporting events. Of course, we can also provide audio description both on site and via livestream.


Another field that is directly related to translation services is accessibility. We offer a wide range of solutions to make your event as barrier-free as possible. Be it live subtitling or sign language interpretation, on site or via livestream. You will find an overview on the following page:

Sound technology

In addition to explicit translation solutions, we naturally also offer general sound technology solutions for your event. Whether microphones, sound reinforcement or the connection of an existing system, we offer you a solution that meets your requirements. You can get an overview below:

Affordable, reliable translation solutions

Whether it’s a simple translation for a single guest or the provision of several audio tracks in different languages for your auditorium and live streaming audience. We offer you a solution.  By using the latest technology, we can offer you translation solutions for your event that are particularly flexible, reliable and cost-effective.

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