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Whether it's a big show or a small discussion round, livestream, recording or technical event support. We offer solutions for a wide variety of event formats and customer requirements.

What we offer you:

Every event is different. That’s why we offer flexible solutions for large and small events. Book what you need flexibly and only pay for what you really need.


Live transmission everywhere, inexpensive and highly flexible
We have experience from several hundred events and produce live streams from small family events to international receptions. We specialize in reacting quickly and flexibly to your wishes.
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Sound technology

Microphones, sound reinforcement, recording
Microphoning and sound reinforcement, translation solutions or the provision of a sound package for press representatives. We offer a wide range of audio technology for your event.
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From representative to purely virtual
We offer green screen studios for virtual environments as well as rooms for events with audience. Choose between 3 available rooms with us in Berlin-Friedrichshain
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Subtitles, sign language interpretation, easy language and much more.
We focus not only on solid craftsmanship, but also on inclusion. Accessibility is a matter close to our hearts. We ensure that your content is accessible to all viewers and offer solutions for sign language interpretation, subtitling or live translation into different languages.
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Mobile mini live stream

Factory and museum tours, weddings, funerals, parties or concerts.
Directly from a smartphone we stream via LTE. With the help of a hovering tripod, the images are buttery smooth despite being handheld. There is a wireless dual microphone directly in the smartphone. For example, interviews in good quality are possible.
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Video production

Live production, event film, interviews etc.
We offer various forms of video production. From live recordings during the event to specially produced event films. We also offer pure audio recordings or the production of purely virtual shows with participants at different locations.
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Media technology & control

Stage direction, stage technology and stage design
Display of image for audience, speaker on stage, audience in an adjoining room, integration of digitally connected guests, stage timer, clicker and laptops, stage design and much more.
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Translation technology

Simultaneous translation on site and in the livestream
Especially for events with an international audience, it can often be essential to provide simultaneous translation of the spoken word both on site and in the livestream. We offer simple and, above all, particularly cost-effective solutions.
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Purely virtual events

The virtual congress runs on a website set up especially for you, to which you can sell tickets for a fee or give them away for free.
A virtual congress is ideal for events with a geographically dispersed audience. We can recreate many features of a real congress virtually. We can set up stages, workshops, exhibition rooms, networking areas and much more for you.
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Graphics & on-air design

Name inserts, charts, logos
From simple lower thirds to the complete on-air design. We offer solutions for your event on site or in the stream. You benefit from our established graphic design processes and fair, transparent prices.
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