Sound technology

Miking and insonification, translation solutions or the provision of a sound package for press representatives. We offer a wide range of audio technology for your event.

What we offer you:


Without a microphone, you cannot be heard in the livestream or on site. Different microphones can be used depending on the type of event and application.
For discussions with many changing participants, hand-held microphones that can be passed on may be suitable. For fixed speakers, boom or lavalier microphones are suitable.

Below you will find an overview of the different types of microphones you can book with us.

Sound systems

After selecting the right microphones, it’s time to choose the sound system. A good listening experience and understanding of the event can only be guaranteed for everyone present on site if the system has sufficient power and quality.
We also offer you a number of options in this area which can guarantee a successful event for you.

Mixing and handover

As a livestream provider with several years of experience, working with external sound engineers at the event location is no longer a novelty for us.

If technicians, microphones and / or a sound system are already available on site, we can also set up and guarantee a very good sound connection quickly and cleanly with a few arrangements and skillful hand movements.

Press splitter

If you plan to pass on the sound of the hall, virtual guests or recorded videos etc. to any press representatives present, we offer press splinters in various sizes.
These can be set up quickly on site and external reporters can simply connect to a sum via cable and tap into the mixed sound.

Audio recording

As part of a livestream, a live-on-tape production, but also as part of a purely virtual production, we usually create a recording. Of course, we can also produce an audio-only recording for you. This can be useful both for logging purposes and for secondary use on a wide variety of platforms.

Virtual production & podcast recording

Thanks to our existing virtual studios and our many years of experience, it is easy for us to provide you with a platform to produce both video and audio-only podcasts quickly and technically flawlessly. A particular advantage is the ease of participation from any location. Of course, we can also support you in this case with microphones, cameras, webcams and the like.

Translation solutions

We offer various solutions to make your event accessible to a large audience. This includes transmission solutions, both for your audience on site and in the livestream. If you would like to find out about the various options, you will find them on the following page:

The right tone makes the music

As you can see, sound technology is a wide-ranging field, the importance of which should not be underestimated. There are many design possibilities, but there are also a few things that need to be considered in detail.

As a partner for your event, is the ideal choice thanks to our many years of experience in a wide range of applications.

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