Video production

In the field of video production, we offer various products that can be combined with the recording of your event. This ranges from simple recordings to the recording of a virtual event and social media videos.

What we offer you:

In addition to the classic livestream, in which the video image is published in real time, we naturally also offer you various forms of video production. This ranges from live recordings during the event (live-on-tape production) and the production of video material from many different perspectives to specially produced event films alongside the livestream. We also offer pure audio recordings or the production of purely virtual shows with participants at different locations.

Live recording

Complete event recording with live editing
We make sure they look good and sound good both on location and in the livestream.

Our camera technology ranges from small 1-camera setups to large shows with several camera operators. We can also provide you with digital connections and hybrid or purely virtual events.

Shooting from several perspectives

Multi-camera recording without live editing
From the simple belly band to the complete on-air design. We offer solutions for your event on site or in the stream.

You benefit from our established graphic design processes and fair, transparent prices.

Podcast recording

On site or with virtual guests
We focus not only on solid craftsmanship, but also on inclusion. Accessibility is a matter close to our hearts.

We make sure that your content is accessible to all viewers and offer solutions for sign language interpretation, subtitling or live translation into different languages.

Event movie

Short event film (best-of video)
We offer you solutions to make your presentations look good on site and in the livestream. We also offer lighting and sound solutions.

Audio recording

Setting up platforms and servers
We stream everywhere. Whether to one or more of the major social media platforms, to video call apps, to GDPR-compliant servers in Germany or to closed event platforms.

We offer you solutions for setting up and hosting your livestream.

All features from "Livestream"

Design of the playout platform for your viewers
We support you in presenting your event online.

From a simple landing page to a closed online event with ticket sales. We offer you the right solutions.

Video production

Live-on-tape production

With live recording, we treat your event like a livestream, with the only difference that the result is recorded rather than published directly. This method is also known as live-on-tape production and has the advantage for you that you do not need any time-consuming and cost-intensive post-production but have a finished video file of your event at your disposal. Of course, we also record every livestream we produce. We also offer a so-called “clean feed”, i.e. a recording without graphic overlays that could interfere with post-production.

Multi-camera recording

With a multi-camera recording, we record the image from each camera placed over the entire duration of the event. This enables optimum editing in post-production. Fixed elements such as presentations or graphic overlays can also be removed or repositioned afterwards. Of course, we can also record all or several camera images in parallel during a live stream.

Virtual video production

If you would like to organize a presentation or a conversation with a distant person professionally from home or at work, we will be happy to support you. We offer a so-called virtual studio in which up to 10 people can dial in at the same time. It is also possible to share images, presentations and videos as well as branding with overlays and name overlays. You will also immediately receive a fully produced video with your conversation partners. It is also possible to record the participants individually.

Own event film

In addition to event recording using fixed cameras, we also offer the creation of specially produced event films. The special thing about it is that, in addition to the pure show images, they also receive cutaway images of the action from many different perspectives. This allows the atmosphere of your event to be captured and conveyed even better. During the event, one camera person is dedicated solely to the production of the event film. This can be cut by us within a few days after the event. Of course it is also possible to use video material from the livestream in the event film.


Similar to the event film, we are of course also able to produce interviews and sound bites with your guests as part of your event. We can make these available to you both individually and as a compilation.

Social media snippets

We offer solutions for creating short videos of memorable moments after your event for publication on various social media platforms. These can be automatically provided with subtitles and, if desired, with your branding.

Editing and post-production

After a regular livestream, we offer to edit the recording for further use. This can range from simple cutting to complex editing of several individual videos. Of course, we also offer color correction and audio post-production in this context.

Audio production

Of course, we can also create an audio-only recording of your event. We also offer many other services in the field of sound technology. This includes miking and sound reinforcement for an event, mixing and providing the sound for other media representatives (press splitter) and much more. You can find a detailed overview here:

Further services

Additional services may also be required as part of a video production for your event. Of course, we also offer to host the videos produced or can take over the projector control for your event. The following is a brief overview of the relevant services.

Hosting & website creation

We are happy to support you with the publication and distribution of your videos. Whether uploading to one or more social media platforms or to a dedicated server. Embedding on a website is also easy and possible with us. We also offer to create simple landing pages to present the livestream or recording as part of your event.

Stage control

We can take over the control of media content on site as part of a live stream as well as a recording. You can find an overview of our products and services in this area here:

Event photography

We also offer to accompany your event photographically and thus provide you with professional pictures of your event in a timely manner, whether for private use or for use as press photos or similar.

Graphic design

We offer graphic design services for your livestream, your recording and your on-site presentation.


We offer a wide range of barrier-free design solutions for your event. From simultaneous translation to live subtitling and sign language interpreting. You can find an overview of our services here

The partner for your event recording

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can now offer you a wide range of services and have experience in harmonizing a wide variety of event and video formats. As a company specializing in the production of live streams, we offer you reliable technology, clean sound and established processes for recording a wide range of formats. It is important to note that we are not a pure video production company specializing in the creation of music videos or advertising clips. Our aim is to capture your event in the best possible way and make it accessible to your audience. Please contact us and we will find a solution for your event.

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