Live stream: virtual speaker guide

Are you participating in one of our live streams as a virtual speaker? Then please prepare well. After all, you are performing in front of hundreds, possibly thousands of people. And many events will be permanently available on the Internet / YouTube. So that nothing goes wrong and you are optimally prepared, we have compiled […]

Is password protection of live streams possible?

Live streams with password protection are possible in different ways on the various live-streaming platforms. Password-protected live streams are possible on Vimeo. However, live-streaming is only possible in the Pro version. Vimeo Pro costs 16 € / month and must be paid 12 months in advance. On YouTube, they have the option of using so-called […]

Is it possible to host a video call via European / German servers?

Yes it is possible! With our partner connect4video and their product easymeet24 we have the possibility to host your zoom call exclusively on German servers and thus implement the zoom call DSGVO compliant! Please let us know when booking if you would like this service.