Playout channelsLIVE STREAMS are optimized for the best transmission of image and sound in high resolution. They have a 30 second buffer (buffesr) and are therefore much more robust against small disturbances in the network. Live streams have no limits on the number of participants and are usually free of charge. Because of the high sound quality, the transmission of music is possible. Live streams are one-way broadcasts and – apart from chats – do not enable conversations. Live streams only show the total number of viewers, but do not provide information about the individual viewer. The platforms record on request and make the material permanently available. Live streams can be shared more easily via social platforms, as apps like YouTube and Facebook are widely available. You can easily embed live streams on a web page if you wish.

VIDEOCALLS are optimized for conversations, i.e. primarily the possibility to interrupt each other immediately. To make this possible, there are no buffers. To avoid constant jumps and “hangs” the video and audio quality of video calls are significantly worse compared to live streams. Images are often perceived as “muddy”, texts (e.g. in presentations) are often pixelated. The sound often sounds tinny. In the case of video calls, however, a certain number of participants requires a person to mute the participants who are not currently “on the line”. On the other hand, video calls offer the possibility to see the usernames (chosen by the users themselves). If more than 100 spectators/speakers are expected, many providers have to pay license fees. More than 500 spectators are often very expensive. There is no record of the platform. Calls can only be distributed via link to the participants.

SIMULTANEOUS: Both technologies enable exchanges via chat. With both methods, we can realize picture-in-picture mode, name, call-to-action or graphic overlays and video inserts. A form of exclusivity (in-house events) is possible on both platforms.

“German” live stream servers

As with the large commercial live-streaming platforms, live stream servers hosted in Germany offer very good quality. Since they do not go through U.S.-based companies, this is more in line with European data protection ideas. With a German live stream hoster you have the possibility to embed the live stream into your own website and use your own player. The price depends on the maximum number of participants and ranges from 300€ to 1.000€.

Own event website

With your own event website, you can achieve very good quality, just like with the major live-streaming platforms. Additionally, you have the possibility to use a ticket system and optionally sell tickets for your event. You have an unlimited number of workshop rooms at your disposal. There is a networking area, an exhibitor area, chat rooms and voting facilities, just like at an analog congress. The price depends on the number of participants and starts from approx. 800€ including equipment.