Hopin rehearsal session

Hopin Hopin rehearsal sessions for speakers and participants We would be happy to prepare you, your speakers, moderators and workshop participants for your conference at one or more practice events. We will guide you through the features and processes of the platform and will be available to answer any questions you and your participants may […]

General project consulting

Allgemeine Projektberatung Alle Fragen zum laufenden Projekt Gerne Beraten wir Sie hinsichtlich offener Fragen zu Ihrem laufenden Projekt. Viele Schritte in der Eventvorbereitung versuche wir beim Location-Checkup und bei der Besprechung zur Eventvorbereitung- und Livestream-Einrichtung zu klären. Sollten Sie dennoch Fragen zu ihrem laufenden Projekt haben treten Sie gern mit uns in Kontakt. Jetzt Termin […]


post production Best-Off, Showreel, Trailer, Animation… We offer a wide range of post-production products. From simply cropping their live stream for separate publication to creating best-offs and motion graphics. We will be happy to advise you on this. Choose the date now Our post-production services Simple basic cutting For publication on your channels We offer […]


Terminwahl-Tool Livestream-Test (RTMP)   Dauer: 30 Min. Sofern Sie den Livestream selbst einrichten oder externe Server verwenden, richten wir die RTMP-Verbindung ein. Diese müssen wir zwingend vor Ihrer Veranstaltung testen. Nur so können wir garantieren, dass am Veranstaltungstag alles funktioniert. Jetzt Termin wählen Das werden wir besprechen: Zugänge, Passwörter, Serverkonfiguration   Um sicherzustellen, dass bei Ihrem Event der […]

Livestream setup and preparation

Initial meeting & kickoff appointment Live stream setup & event preparation In this videocall appointment, we will set up your live stream with you and personally discuss all the elements needed to prepare your event. Choose date now We will discuss that: 1. live stream setup Hand over editor rights or test your RTMP data […]

Staff on the set

Staff on the set Which personnel do we use on the set? And which one do you need? This depends heavily on complexity and your quality requirements. Basically, the quality of the live stream and the variety of possibilities increases with the number of employees. We present here which positions are to be filled. This […]

Notes PowerPoint and presentations

So that everything looks nice later Hints for your Videos & Presentations Intro videos and good presentations will give your live stream a professional look. Please note the following tips from our technicians to make sure that your multimedia interludes in the live stream correspond exactly to your ideas later on.  We recommend that you […]

Marketing tips for your live stream

Reach more viewers Marketing Workshop We recommend our customers not only to build a great event, but also to invest energy and time in the application. Unfortunately, this is sometimes completely forgotten. How you can do that is what we put together in this two-hour workshop, based on many experiences. We wish you great success!   […]

Speaker Checkup Call

Speaker Checkup Call Choose a date for the Speaker Checkup Call To ensure a smooth process during your video conference, we offer your speakers and moderators a pre-test in the form of a video call. In the process, we test the existing camera and sound equipment as well as the Internet connection for sufficient quality. […]

Graphics creation

our service for you Graphics creation Good graphics give your live stream a professional look. Belly bands, text panels, and good preview graphics help convey information and minimize viewer confusion. We will be happy to create all graphics related to your live stream. You can have the graphics created by us or build your own […]