We offer you the choice between two different camera systems – static, small, unmanned cameras and moving, higher quality ZOOM cameras with camera staff.

Both variants shine in different situations with their respective features. The combination of the two systems allows you to create a creative, varied image design for your event.

Static cameras – without personnel:



By the way: We actually use iPhones here. No worries, the quality is actually perfectly adequate for the purposes described here !

1to1 sample images of the static cameras:

Zoom cameras – with staff:



1to1 sample images of the zoom cameras:

Remote PTZ Zoom Cameras:



The PTZ camera and control panel:

Conclusion and recommendation:

Depending on the orientation of your event, different combinations of cameras are worthwhile.

The remote PTZ cameras come in a set of 3, which gives them all the design possibilities and allows them to ideally cover everything in the room. This variant is also the most cost-intensive, but offers qualitative advantages.

If you do want something smaller, our recommendation is to combine one or two regular ZOOM cameras with three to five static cameras. Medium budgets should at least keep a ZOOM camera. Only in the case of very static formats (e.g. a press conference with three speakers sitting end-to-end) is it advisable to use static cameras alone.

For customers with a relatively small budget, we recommend at least the basic set of 3 static cameras, supplemented with one or two additional static cameras.